Food quality
and safety policy

Alimentos Fray Bentos SA is a company that produces dried foods with high quality and safety standards to supply the national and international market.

Through this Policy, Alimentos Fray Bentos SA’s Management communicates to its members, and any individual related directly or indirectly to the company and its products, its principles of commitment regarding food quality and safety:

• To implement and maintain a food quality and safety management system according to the requirements of the international scheme FSSC 2200.

• To comply to the legal and regulatory requirements, as well as the requirements previously agreed with the clients.

• To maintain a high level of quality and safety of our products derived from raw materials and inputs from qualified providers.

• To provide to all its staff an appropriate training in food safety and hygiene and to make available the resources to be implemented in practice.

• To ensure both internal and external communication channels that allow us to meet the demands for information related to the food safety management system.

• The Management commits to review this policy annually and make the necessary adjustments to the food quality and safety management system to ensure the permanent improvement of its effectiveness.

The Direction

Head Office: Madres de Plaza 25 de Mayo 3020.
Office 6. C.P: S2013SWJ. Rosario. Santa Fe. Argentina.
Phone / Fax: 0054341 4367500.
E- mail:
Manufacturing Site: Routes 2 and 24, Access Puerto M’Bopicuá Fray Bentos· Uruguay – CP. 65000. Tel: 00 598 4562 8100