Our factory

We invite you to a virtual tour of our factory, were all our products are produced and packed. 

Our factory is equipped with the latest technology available in the market for the production of infant formulas and milk powders. 

It is fully automated and integrated with SAP from the reception and pasteurization of the raw material to the evaporation, drying and packing of the milk. This is to ensure the best environmental conditions for the production of our products.


Milk powder x Hs.

4 ton.

Milk x Day.

650.000 lts


Our factory is located in Fray Bentos, in the Department of Río Negro, in Uruguay. Uruguay is known world-wide for its dairy products, originated mainly from grass fed herds. It is one of the biggest exporters of milk powder in the world. The factory is located 300 km from the Montevideo port, main port in Uruguay, and 220 km from La Sibila factory, in Argentina.

Head Office: Madres de Plaza 25 de Mayo 3020.
Office 6. C.P: S2013SWJ. Rosario. Santa Fe. Argentina.
Phone / Fax: 0054341 4367500.
E- mail: export@afb.com.uy
Manufacturing Site: Routes 2 and 24, Access Puerto M’Bopicuá Fray Bentos· Uruguay – CP. 65000. Tel: 00 598 4562 8100