Raw Material

Our raw material comes from the dairy basin of Uruguay, an area of extensive grassland. The animals are fed with a pastoral base and complemented with corn and balanced feed. These feeds contain all the necessary nutrients to ensure the health of the animals and the excellent quality of the milk that we receive. 

Our quality standards are based on the high specialization of feed, herd genetics and milking technology. 

We have an ongoing development and support policy for our suppliers, which involves actions for genetic development and nutritional support. We also control the hygiene of the milking parlors and the training of the staff. 

All these factors assure the highest quality of raw milk in terms of nutritional content and food safety.

The healthier life we seek for our customers begins on the farm.

Head Office: Madres de Plaza 25 de Mayo 3020.
Office 6. C.P: S2013SWJ. Rosario. Santa Fe. Argentina.
Phone / Fax: 0054341 4367500.
E- mail: export@afb.com.uy
Manufacturing Site: Routes 2 and 24, Access Puerto M’Bopicuá Fray Bentos· Uruguay – CP. 65000. Tel: 00 598 4562 8100